The Actors Space is a holistic, professional actor training program.

We celebrate the idea that acting is communal. Our feeling is that acting isn't just an individual art form, but rather a collective.  We believe in the communal spirit, in creating community through the work, fostering and nurturing each actor to achieve greater authenticity and power in performance.

We believe in change through art, both on an individual and educational level, as well as from a place of reaching an audience with our hearts and our minds and a point of view.  

We believe in inclusiveness.   A place where one can feel safe to call themselves an artist.  And, most importantly, to believe in themselves.

We are House Artists at Counter Pulse.


We are teachers. We are actors. We are leaders. We are artists. We are a collective.

Training doesn’t have to be full time to be immersive. Commit to your development while pursuing professional work.

We created a safe space. A space to take risks as an actor. A space that inspires you to feel unique and empowered.



Lauren possesses a deep intuition and vast knowledge of the acting process. She blends craft and an ineffable magic seamlessly into the work. I am awed by her ability to work with others.
— Taylor Schilling
Patrick fosters a safe and supportive environment that encourages you to take creative risks without the fear of being judged.
— M.C.
Lauren has a deep understanding of the process. She can help any actor - no matter their age or experience level - develop their skills and access elements of their artistry that they may not have even been aware of.
— Derek Wilson
Patrick has a particular gift to connect with his students, detecting what makes each of them unique. It is not surprising that so many actors, from very different backgrounds, consider him their mentor.
— Virginia Blanco
Lauren creates an atmosphere of safety and play, but with clarity, specificity and honesty. She guides you into the work in a way where you can explore and make choices but you feel ownership of the work.
— Tristan Cunningham
Patrick has been instrumental to many of his students throughout their careers, from the classroom to the stage. This is a testament to his talent: Patrick’s students are working!
— Emily Keyishian
I have no doubt in my mind that Patrick’s classes and private tutorials provided me with the technical feedback, performance strategies, and overall self-confidence that led to my acceptance into UCSD’s MFA class of 2019.
— Hannah Finn
Lauren has created a program that expands so far out of the acting box that you will come to a completely different understanding of how to tell a story and what it means to be an actor.
— Sarah Sloan
To this day, Patrick is one of the mentors who has influenced me the most. I am very lucky to have learned from him during such an important time in my life. For Patrick, I will be forever grateful
— A.F.
Patrick is able to convey in a clear and concise manner the fundamentals of acting to students from beginning levels through advanced levels of acting. I have worked with him for over seven years and I strongly recommend Patrick as a teacher and coach.
— Sheila Cress
Lauren is an extraordinarily intuitive coach. Her rigorous yet trusting approach encourages bravery and freedom in her actors. She is magical.
— Molly Noble
Patrick expands your awareness of what’s possible.
— Amaleah Brigitte Black
While training with Lauren my artistic compass made a massive shift. I can now devote time to my passions, ideas, and intentions.
— Scott Ragle
Patrick Russell is amazing. I’ve never experienced a teacher with such grace, care, humility, and understanding with his students. He has an eye for theatrical style, an ear for language, and a genius comedic mind.
— Allen Darby
The skills and concepts I learned in Patrick’s classes I was also able to apply to a work environment, where a certain kind of presence is expected.
— G.C.
Lauren is rigorous in maintaining high standards, yet she is inspiring and supportive as she cultivates excellence in students.
— M.S.
Something I haven’t experienced in any other workshop was that Patrick focused on how to prepare us for auditions. I don’t just mean scene study; he taught us how to own the room as actors and as humans, coming in to get the job.
— Deborah Murphy

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