Photograph courtesy of CounterPulse

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The Actors Space

@ CounterPulse
80 Turk Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Email: hello@theactorsspacesf.com


We have created a safe space.  A space to take risks as an actor. A space that inspires each artist to feel unique and necessary, empowered and held.  

We believe that a space is defined not by the walls that encompass it, but by the hearts that fill it - be it one, or many.

We see our space as a circle, ever present within the functions of an artist, be it a circle created out of the efforts of communal creative exploration, or the representation of a halo of strength for the individual actor.

We believe that a space for actor training that meets our vision of what it means to be an artist:  to serve and inspire the location, the people, and the spaces in which they reside.

At CounterPulse, students will train in downtown San Francisco, conveniently located two blocks from Powell Street Bart Station.   The space consists of a fully functioning main stage space as well as an upstairs rehearsal studio.

Welcome home.

Photo gallery courtesy of CounterPulse.